Goodbye Goodwill Computer Museum, Hello Museum of Computer Culture

Museum of Computer Culture

I’d like to call attention to a big change for the Goodwill Computer Museum, where I volunteered in Austin, Texas, and worked with many incredibly smart, fun people like Russ Corley, Virginia Luehrsen, Stephen Pipkin, Austin Roche, Phil Ryals and lots others.

The big change is that, because of organizational and aspirational differences between Goodwill and the museum, the museum was taken out back and shot.

No, I kid. But the aforementioned team has amicably parted ways and is now reborn as the Museum of Computer Culture.

The mission remains broadly the same:

We are an Austin, Texas nonprofit organization seeking to inspire and educate the public with engaging exhibits on the evolution of computer history and its influence on our common cultural experience, develop and support digital archival studies through services to universities and other institutions, and conserve computer history information through digital preservation.

I wish them, and Austin Goodwill Computerworks from which the team got its start, the best of luck!

Phil has already posted a thorough, technical and first-hand account of his work as a technician for the Autodin, the Department of Defense’s first computerized message switching system.

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